My Transformed HOME sign

It seems that the universe has decided that since we have had a week of sunshine back in May and a week last week that summer is over for us in England. We are back to rain again. Usually this doesn’t really bother me to be honest but yesterday I had penciled in finishing of my outside chairs to go with my table and unfortunately it has had to be postponed. It did however give me a push to finish off some of the other projects that I needed to get done. Such as the HOME sign I brought last week.

Home Sign Close-up

I love it and it cost me a fraction of what I have seen them for sale at in various shops, especially as I already had the sandpaper, primer and paint. I was contemplating getting a sample pot of paint to paint the letters various colours but that would have meant spending more more, which defeats the object of it being a cheap project. I love it regardless though. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “My Transformed HOME sign

  1. Why don’t you leave colouring your home sign until you decorate your house and if you use any paint use the bits left lover to colour your sign!

    • Unfortunately the walls of the house are not great. I’ve started stripping the office wallpaper off and found that it would need to be re-plastered if we want to paint the walls. Most likely we will be wallpapering. If we do paint though I can always repaint the sign :-p

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