Chair Update

Here are some updated photos of the progress of my chair. I am yet to start the second one of the pair but at least the first one is well on its way. I have managed to completely strip down the chair.

My stripped down chair

It took absolutely ages and the amount of little annoying cuts I got from the millions of staples in it as well as the tools themselves, but just as I was thinking it would never end I managed to get it finished. I then set to work filling in the holes I had created by digging and gouging out the staples using a mixture of sawdust and PVA glue mixed to a tuna mayo consistency.

Sawdust filled holes

Next week I will be starting to work out where my buttons are going to go and use this information to work out where I need to put the webbing. So stay tuned for the next instalment. Hopefully I won’t find it too difficult to do but I love a challenge.


College Projects – Week 2

College has started and so the true housey crafting really begins. On a Tuesday I go to a soft furnishing class. At the moment I am making a sample curtain, which is a mini curtain that teaches you all the skills needed to make a curtain but on a much smaller scale. I am really liking this project because as I learn each new skill in curtain making I am imagining lovely bright red curtains with white spots for the craft room/home office. I am determined to make my own curtains for each of the rooms in the house…fingers crossed.

On a Wednesday it’s my upholstery class and so I have begun to strip down my bargain eBay chairs.

My Chair

Unfortunately this is not the most updated photo but it does give you an idea of how it is going. I now only have the top of the arm take off and a few staples to dig out of the wood. Then I will be able to begin making a template of the back to decide where to put my buttons. This may seem a little early but I need to know this before I can even consider putting my webbing on because the buttons will go in the gaps between the webbing. It makes me excited for next week though because I am sure that once I have taken the last of the arm foam off I will be able to start the fun part…rebuilding it. I will keep you updated.

Stop, Look, Listen: Things to do with used magazines

I regularly look at my coffee table and feel guilty about the sheer number of magazines I buy, although I do assure you that they are not all trashy women’s gossip mags. Every time I take my latest stack over to the recycling bin I can’t help thinking that there MUST be some way of reusing them. So this week I decided to be pro-active and did a search on the internet for magazine uses.

This is such a clever idea from DIYLife and something I would never have thought of. This is definitely on my future project to do list. I can just see it in my craft room/home office now…

The Buff and Blue has a tutorial showing how to make this mirror frame made from old magazines. The different colour papers makes for a really effective, colourful and unique mirror.

Along similar lines Craft bits has a tutorial to help us turn ordinary and boring wall clocks into works of art using old magazines.

These are a very clever idea. Saved By Love Creations has a tutorial about how to make these coasters.

If you are wanting some Christmas craft inspiration you can pop over to Earth911 to learn how to make Christmas tree from magazines.

Happy Sunny Sunday!

I just thought it was about time to update you on the progress of my garden furniture. Take a look:

My dog Chappie enjoying the sunny garden

I love it! It brightens up the garden so much, especially compared to the drab grey wood it was before. I have even brought a lovely cream parasol and base that was discounted in Argos. They were £50 at the start of the summer but I managed to get them for the bargain price of £20! Total bargain!

Just for the fun of it I thought I would add a photo of my husband-to-be manning it up on his man-B-Q 😉

Office/Craft Room Colour Scheme

The aim of this game is to create a bright and airy craft room/home office but at the same time create a colourful and creative space. After a good few days of trying to figure out what colour or colours I wanted to use I finally found my inspiration…drum roll please…


My Inspiration

As soon as it hit me I felt shocked that I hadn’t thought of it before! As soon as I knew that I wanted the colour scheme to be red and white I knew that I wanted to have 3 bright white painted walls (or plain wallpaper depending on the condition of the walls) and 1 feature wall with some sort of red patterned paper. So off I went in search of THE wallpaper that would fill my craft room/home office with the personality and colour I so craved. Finally after much search and many ‘debates’ with Mr H I think I have finally found THE wallpaper…


…that is until another THE wallpaper comes along :-p

Now it is a case of deciding how many rolls we need…

I Love FREE!

Having moved in and been well and truly settled for over two months now it is safe to say there are certain aspects of the house that we are ‘putting up with’ but are slowly driving us mad. Such as this:


What I find really annoying is that the tv and Virgin box is sat on the floor. Unfortunately having spent much of our spare savings moving and then all the money we have managed to save since is going on the wedding it means that a TV stand just isn’t on the top of the priority list. So the TV has stayed on the floor…until today! I was walking past it, getting ever more irritated by the sight of it and thinking ‘I really must find a solution for that’ for the millionth time when it suddenly hit me. I already had the solution!

About a year ago I managed to get this off of Freecycle.

My Nest of Tables

When I got it I was so shocked that anyone would want to give away such a lovely shaped table. It does have slight damage on the top with water rings but still… Ah well, it was much to my benefit because I got it for FREE!!! To be honest, having got it I was a little bit unsure as to what I was going to do with it and where I was going to put it so it has sat in the garage. But it is the perfect solution to my little problem. In time I will re-varnish the top but meanwhile it will serve as my makeshift TV stand.

So this is what we have now…

A much better conservatory

Once I had moved the TV I did find a lot of random cables that seem to have no use but were hidden from view by the TV, these are now stored in the basket below (which I had been using in my craft room in the old house). Not a bad solution to my little problem and the best part about it is that it cost me absolutely NOTHING!