Chair Update

Here are some updated photos of the progress of my chair. I am yet to start the second one of the pair but at least the first one is well on its way. I have managed to completely strip down the chair.

My stripped down chair

It took absolutely ages and the amount of little annoying cuts I got from the millions of staples in it as well as the tools themselves, but just as I was thinking it would never end I managed to get it finished. I then set to work filling in the holes I had created by digging and gouging out the staples using a mixture of sawdust and PVA glue mixed to a tuna mayo consistency.

Sawdust filled holes

Next week I will be starting to work out where my buttons are going to go and use this information to work out where I need to put the webbing. So stay tuned for the next instalment. Hopefully I won’t find it too difficult to do but I love a challenge.


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