My name is Vicky, I am 26 and along with my fiance have just moved into my first home. After the long and tedious process of buying the house and then moving in we are now at a stage where we can actually start to make it truly ours.

I love nothing more than searching through carboot sales, antique fairs, second hand furniture shops and charity shops. I am on a permanent hunt to find unique gems and don’t mind if they need a little TLC. In fact this all adds to the fun and gives me an unbelievable sense of pride whenever I see or use it. I also get a buzz when I am able to find a damaged item, which I know I can make use of, and get it at a bargain basement price.

My hobbies revolve around crafting and I enjoy making things for around the house. I often find myself refusing to buy things from shops telling myself that I can make that with ease for a fraction of a price. This then results in me having a crazy long list of things to make on my to do list which never seems to go down but is ever increasing. But it all adds to the joy of crafting

This blog will track my process as I go through the house decorating, furnishing it and personalising it with the aim of making it into our Home Sweet Home.


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