I’m Back!

Well, I have been running around like a headless chicken recently trying to keep up with college, work, wedding and general housey jobs and that has left very little time for blogging. But as of today I have decided that enough it enough and that I AM going to make more time for blogging and house related crafting/d-i-y-ing because I have missed it immensely!  So here I am!

First up I have a little recap. Can you remember me writing about my bargain lamp find in Debenhams? Well, if you need a little reminder hereis my blog post about it. Today I took a little detour to Dunelm Mill to look at their fabrics, ribbons and other craft related items and I came across a red lampshade on sale for the bargain price of £2.50! Well, my little bargain alarm in my head is beeping at me ten to the dozen and before I know what is happening it has jumped into my basket and I am speeding towards the checkout before I have a change of mind.

My Bargain Lampshade

Well, I don’t think it looks all that bad and when you consider that the base was just £4, making the total cost of the lamp only £6.50 I think it marvellous. Just ignore the side table that it is sitting on. It is a Freecycle find and is one of the many things on my never decreasing to do list. One day it will be a cute little varnished and unmarked table. Hmmmm, maybe that is something I can do at the weekend…

At the weekend I have decided to give myself a little project…well…rather large project really. Having had a really good think about what to do with dresser I have decided to not only move it into the hallway downstairs, but to also do it up somehow.

My dresser

I got it about a year and a half ago from a British Heart Foundation charity shop and it cost me £65 (and that includes the £15 to deliver it to me), which I do not think is half bad. At the time of buying I did like the dark colour but since then I have gone off it. It is just too dark and rather beaten up.

A Rather Deep Scratch

Random cup marks and more scratches

Wood stain has been worn away but the latches

Structurally it is in perfect condition and it completely stable. It just doesn’t look as nice as it could. So I am considering sanding and painting it, however, I am considering leaving the top of it so that it is natural wood. Just like the one below.

Once painted up like this it will not only match the hallway much better but will match pretty much any room in the house should we wish to move it. It will also be perfect for storing my baking equipment, giving me much more space in the kitchen.





I Love FREE!

Having moved in and been well and truly settled for over two months now it is safe to say there are certain aspects of the house that we are ‘putting up with’ but are slowly driving us mad. Such as this:


What I find really annoying is that the tv and Virgin box is sat on the floor. Unfortunately having spent much of our spare savings moving and then all the money we have managed to save since is going on the wedding it means that a TV stand just isn’t on the top of the priority list. So the TV has stayed on the floor…until today! I was walking past it, getting ever more irritated by the sight of it and thinking ‘I really must find a solution for that’ for the millionth time when it suddenly hit me. I already had the solution!

About a year ago I managed to get this off of Freecycle.

My Nest of Tables

When I got it I was so shocked that anyone would want to give away such a lovely shaped table. It does have slight damage on the top with water rings but still… Ah well, it was much to my benefit because I got it for FREE!!! To be honest, having got it I was a little bit unsure as to what I was going to do with it and where I was going to put it so it has sat in the garage. But it is the perfect solution to my little problem. In time I will re-varnish the top but meanwhile it will serve as my makeshift TV stand.

So this is what we have now…

A much better conservatory

Once I had moved the TV I did find a lot of random cables that seem to have no use but were hidden from view by the TV, these are now stored in the basket below (which I had been using in my craft room in the old house). Not a bad solution to my little problem and the best part about it is that it cost me absolutely NOTHING!

I Love A Good Bargain!

It has been another week of bargain hunting for our new home and I am quite pleased with I have managed to find. Here they are:

  • My new bookends for the home office/craft room. I have a lot of books, both crafting ones and fiction, and these will be extremely effective at keeping them upright. I love that they are solid wood and also a bargain at £5!


  • Picture frames for my wedding. These are getting painted white (along with the others) and will be used for the table numbers. These beauties were just 99p each and they amazing thing is that once the wedding is finished I will be able to make use of them. I will be filling them with our wedding photographs and making a feature with them on a wall in the living room.

Photo Frames

  • My silver bowl. At £3 I just couldn’t resist. I love the way it looks like someone has just taken silver paint and drizzled over the top of it. Even as I write this I wonder whether this effect could be re-created with some very thick paint on an old outdated bowl…hmmmm… It goes really well with the bargain lamp stand I picked up last week.


I don’t think this is too bad for the total spend of £11.

Latest Charity Shop Haul

‘There’s one! There’s another…and another!’ This is what you often hear when out shopping with me if I stumble across a charity shop after charity shop. I just can’t help but have a look in just to see what lovely things they might have. Today was such a day and I have to say I am impressed with my finds.

Bargain finds

The jars I am planning to use in my wedding but once they are finished I am imagining using the fishbowl (£2.99) as a coffee table decoration. Possibly with some sand and a candle (unless I think of something much more interesting). After the wedding the lidded jars (£2.50 each) will have a new home in my craft room and will hold all of my lovely button and beads etc. The dark wooden home sign (£6.00) is a little scratched up so I will use the paint that I currently have stored in my garage to smarten it up and then display it on my fireplace. All in all I am happy with my purchases and I am even happier that I left the house with £15 in my purse and managed to come back with £1 in change. EPIC WIN!!!

You Never Know Where You Will Find A Bargain

On Sunday we decided to go into town and have a look around before going to the cinema to watch the latest Batman film, which on a side note was brilliant and totally worth watching. One shop I love looking around is Debenhams, even though I do often pick things up, look at the price and then put them right back down again. However, I still firmly believe that looking doesn’t hurt anything. So on Sunday we were doing our usual leisurely browse when we came across the clearance corner. It’s an impulse, I can’t help but look. I start getting excited in anticipation for all the bargains that might be there. More often than not there is nothing of interest but on this occasion I struck gold!

My Bargain Lamp

Lamp Close up

Lamp Shade Close Up

I picked it up because of the stand…I love it’s sleek black colour and the tripod style. I have visions of it sitting, looking sleek and beautiful, on my desk (once we have decorated the office room and then put a desk in there that is).  Unfortunately the reason for it heavy discount is that the lampshade is very dinted. That for some people would be reason enough to put it down, but not for me. Especially considering that it was discounted from £35 to just £4!!!!! I couldn’t believe my luck. The stand is in perfect condition! It just needs a new lampshade.

Now I have a decision to make. Do I just go out and buy one? I could do this cheaply enough and the whole lamp cost will still be less than its original £35 price tag. Or do I look around for some nice fabric and combine it with the lampshade making kit I have sitting upstairs in a moving box (from a project I had in my head and never managed to complete). Decision decisons…

Stay tuned to see the finished lamp (once I’ve decided what to do with it).