Who knew you could do so much with a jam jar?

Make do and mend is taking over and more people are wanting to re-use and up-date things they already own. As I go through the house and start to try and turn it into a home I am beginning to see even the most mundane and ordinary items as opportunities. This weeks house hold item is…jam jars! There are so  many possibilities.


I love the effect of a group of them on a table and think this would be great for an evening bbq or even to create a lovely atmosphere at a wedding. Simply stunning (although I would want to take off the sticky marks).

Mollie Makes

If a plain jar is not quite to your liking how about using fabric (and battery powered candles) like Mollie Makes to make your jam jar votives more interesting.


Laurenelisecrafted.com has a lovely idea of using silhouettes to create beautiful jars that could be made into votives.

Jam Jar Light

A search on Etsy and I came across this imaginative use of jam jars to create a unique light. This is guaranteed to be a real talking point with any visitors and with a bit of electrical know-how I couldn’t see why this couldn’t be done at home.

House to Home

House to Home use them in a very creative way to store those annoying little items that never seem to have a proper place and just get in the way. This is definitely an idea I may have to borrow…


Olivia’s Romantic Home has a tutorial for how to combine photos and jars to make a unique storage solution or a cute display.

If after doing all of this you still have spare jam jars you could even use them to store your homemade jam!