I Love FREE!

Having moved in and been well and truly settled for over two months now it is safe to say there are certain aspects of the house that we are ‘putting up with’ but are slowly driving us mad. Such as this:


What I find really annoying is that the tv and Virgin box is sat on the floor. Unfortunately having spent much of our spare savings moving and then all the money we have managed to save since is going on the wedding it means that a TV stand just isn’t on the top of the priority list. So the TV has stayed on the floor…until today! I was walking past it, getting ever more irritated by the sight of it and thinking ‘I really must find a solution for that’ for the millionth time when it suddenly hit me. I already had the solution!

About a year ago I managed to get this off of Freecycle.

My Nest of Tables

When I got it I was so shocked that anyone would want to give away such a lovely shaped table. It does have slight damage on the top with water rings but still… Ah well, it was much to my benefit because I got it for FREE!!! To be honest, having got it I was a little bit unsure as to what I was going to do with it and where I was going to put it so it has sat in the garage. But it is the perfect solution to my little problem. In time I will re-varnish the top but meanwhile it will serve as my makeshift TV stand.

So this is what we have now…

A much better conservatory

Once I had moved the TV I did find a lot of random cables that seem to have no use but were hidden from view by the TV, these are now stored in the basket below (which I had been using in my craft room in the old house). Not a bad solution to my little problem and the best part about it is that it cost me absolutely NOTHING!