Just Call Me The Drilling Queen!

I HAVE USED THE DRILL! I managed to tick number three off of my To Do List and hang up both mirrors over the two fireplaces…YAY! The first one was pretty simple because of it being able to rest most of it’s weight on the fireplace and it not really needing any special fixings.

Mirror Number 1

The second one was a little bit trickier because of it being a really heavy mirror. Having never hung anything heavier than the typical picture (the mirror weighs between 10-15kg) I asked for the help and guidance of my dad. I did have an idea of what I needed but sometimes it just helps having someone there that knows what they are doing. So off we set for B&Q and picked up some heavy duty picture wire and heavy duty Picture Fixings designed for heavy pictures/mirrors. Then it was just a matter of using the drill to drill holes into the brickwork. It turns out that the hammer function on the drill makes it so much easier.

Mirror Number 2

I felt really empowered using the drill. I cannot wait to have to use it again! In the meantime I thought I would share a couple of pictures of me using it. Just to prove that it was me doing it.

Me drilling

Ignore the holes below, one of them was my practice hole where I worked out whether I had the right drill bit, screw and wall plug and the other one is what the previous owners left behind. When it comes to redecoating these will get filled in.

Me appreciating my handiwork





You know you becoming a hardcore D.I.Y.er when…

…you own a drill! After a little bit of advice from my dad I set of to the d.i.y shop with a reasonable amount of confidence that I knew what I was looking for. I didn’t want a rechargeable one (I’m terrible at charging my phone so this was a definite no no for me), I wanted it to be able to go though masonry and wood so needed both sets of drill bits and it needed a little bit of power to be able to go through the stone work. Also at the moment I want it to put up pictures and mirrors so I didn’t want one that cost a fortune.

My drill