Happy Sunny Sunday!

I just thought it was about time to update you on the progress of my garden furniture. Take a look:

My dog Chappie enjoying the sunny garden

I love it! It brightens up the garden so much, especially compared to the drab grey wood it was before. I have even brought a lovely cream parasol and base that was discounted in Argos. They were £50 at the start of the summer but I managed to get them for the bargain price of £20! Total bargain!

Just for the fun of it I thought I would add a photo of my husband-to-be manning it up on his man-B-Q 😉


Stop, Look and Listen: Projects Using Old Jeans!

Having lost over a stone I am now in possession of numerous pairs of jeans that no longer fit me. I cannot bring myself to throw them away as I have spent precious pounds on them and so instead I have decided to use them for a house related project. Unfortunately I am just not sure what this denim house related project will be at the moment.

I could:

Make a rather fetching carrier bag holder. At the moment I don’t really have ‘a carrier bag place’. They tend to get shoved into the drawer along with the tea towels and then eventually you end up hunting and digging around for tea towel whilst getting more and more frustrated.

Or I could combine them with other fabric to make a lovely quilt for the bed. It would be a good excuse to go fabric shopping…

A notice board would be extremely helpful for my office, especially one with pockets!

Or a draft excluder to make sure all those drafts are effectively excluded!


A pocket organiser would be another handy item for the office. I am also wondering what the denim would look like dyed…


The footstool is a good idea, but unfortunately I’m not sure where I would put it. Hmmmmm, decisions decisions!

Refreshing My Garden Furniture – Part Three

The sun is shining , the smell of BBQ is making me hungry and I have completely finished my garden table. I was going to wait until I had finished my chairs but I am simply too impatient. I am seriously impressed with the results and cannot wait to get cracking on the chairs so that I can invite people around for an impromptu BBQ, weather permitting that is.

Refer to my post ‘Refreshing My Garden Furniture – Part One‘ for a reminder of the before photos.

My fully painted garden table

I am astounded at what can be achieved with a little bit of hard work and patience. It took three light coats and it also covered all of the grey weathered wood marks that I was worried about.

As I already had the sandpaper, sander, brush and wood preserver all I needed to buy was the wood paint. As I only used a third of a tin and said tin only cost £9.99 my ‘new’ garden table only cost £3.33, plus there is plenty of paint left over to do the chairs. Who can complain at that? Not me that’s for sure.

Refreshing My Garden Furniture – Part Two

I have sanded down my garden table! In true me style I did take on more than I bargained for and about 30 minutes in started wondering what I had gotten myself into. But I was determined to finish sanding the table the very same day. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to doing the chairs because by the time the table was done I was so dusty and achy that the only thing I could even contemplate doing was to stop, get cleaned up and have a cup of tea out in the garden while admiring my handiwork.

So here is the newly sanded garden table in all it’s glory…

Garden table after sanding

I cannot believe how much cleaner it looks but it was hard work though. The sanding paper lasted all of 10 minutes before I gave up and routed around my unpacked boxes for my sander. That worked so much better. If it hadn’t been for my sander I don’t think the table would look anywhere near as good as it does.

Here is a close up of the table top…

Close up of table top

As you can see that although I did manage to get quite a lot of the weathered grey wood off there is still quite a bit left. I have never used exterior wood paint before but I have my fingers crossed that it shouldn’t make too much difference. Has anyone else had experience painting garden furniture? Will the paint cover the grey areas?I guess I might have to just try it and see. A little bit of experimentation never hurt anyone. Now just to do the chairs but hopefully as they are smaller they will be easier…fingers crossed.

Feel free to leave any comments. Any advice would be very much welcomed also. Stay tuned for the next installment of ‘Refreshing My Garden Furniture’.

Refreshing My Garden Furniture: Part One

Our previous house was rented and had absolutely no outside storage space. Unfortunately this meant that when we decided to buy a table and chair set it was stuck outside, come what may, through rain or shine. We did buy a cover for it but with the wind blowing it around and us eventually getting tired of keep replacing it the inevitable happened…we stopped replacing the furniture cover! Our wooded furniture was left to defend for itself from the elements. This resulted in our dark brown wooden furniture becoming an ugly grey colour.

BEFORE: Garden table and four chairs

BEFORE: Chairs

BEFORE: close-up of the table top

Instead of making do with the table or throwing it away I have decided to paint it blue. I think this will brighten up the garden patio area. Fingers crossed it works.


To do this I will need to use sandpaper to take the garden furniture back to its original wood. I will then clean up all the dust and coat it with a couple of coats and clear wood preserver. Hopefully this will make it more resilient to the weather. Although it will be stored in the garage, but better safe than sorry. I will then be coating it in the blue wood stain. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. I just hope it looks the same as the idea I have in my head.

Look out for Refreshing my garden furniture – part two for an update in how my garden furniture is looking.