You Never Know Where You Will Find A Bargain

On Sunday we decided to go into town and have a look around before going to the cinema to watch the latest Batman film, which on a side note was brilliant and totally worth watching. One shop I love looking around is Debenhams, even though I do often pick things up, look at the price and then put them right back down again. However, I still firmly believe that looking doesn’t hurt anything. So on Sunday we were doing our usual leisurely browse when we came across the clearance corner. It’s an impulse, I can’t help but look. I start getting excited in anticipation for all the bargains that might be there. More often than not there is nothing of interest but on this occasion I struck gold!

My Bargain Lamp

Lamp Close up

Lamp Shade Close Up

I picked it up because of the stand…I love it’s sleek black colour and the tripod style. I have visions of it sitting, looking sleek and beautiful, on my desk (once we have decorated the office room and then put a desk in there that is).  Unfortunately the reason for it heavy discount is that the lampshade is very dinted. That for some people would be reason enough to put it down, but not for me. Especially considering that it was discounted from £35 to just £4!!!!! I couldn’t believe my luck. The stand is in perfect condition! It just needs a new lampshade.

Now I have a decision to make. Do I just go out and buy one? I could do this cheaply enough and the whole lamp cost will still be less than its original £35 price tag. Or do I look around for some nice fabric and combine it with the lampshade making kit I have sitting upstairs in a moving box (from a project I had in my head and never managed to complete). Decision decisons…

Stay tuned to see the finished lamp (once I’ve decided what to do with it).