Saturday Sum Up – My favourite posts this week

Here are some posts that are just so good that I just had to share them. They are definitely ideas that I will be trying out.

I love this idea over at All Things Thrifty. It is such an easy but effective way of sprucing up an old lamp and so from this point on I will be looking out for thin metal lamp stands to try it on. I do wonder what it would look like with some funky glittery baubles that weren’t painted. Combine it with a cool lampshade and you will have a ‘brand new’ funky lamp.

Lamp made from baubles

The Bow Tie Butterfly has been gathering various tutorials on how to make paper wreaths. Personally wreaths remind me a little of funerals, however, I do love the idea of putting a mirror tile in the middle on one and mounting on the wall for a unique looking mirror that would cost next to nothing.

Paper wreath

Paper wreath

Hayley Made has been very busy using wooden window frames creatively. One of her latest creations is this amazing chalkboard. It has ensured that I will never again look at window frames in the same way.

Window frame chalkboard

I hope you feel as inspired by these posts as I am. I am now off to find window frames to make chalkboards from, magazine/newspapers,old book and interesting printed papers to make wreaths from and also a tired thin metal bar lamp stand to re-energise.